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Emerging stronger: How to reinvent your business model

To adapt to the recent massive shifts in consumer behavior, business leaders must reinvent their entire business model to survive – and hopefully thrive – in the next economy. This process leverages evidence in four steps: deconstruction, imagination, testing, and prototyping. This seminar will provide participates with logic, tools, and skills – bolstered by real-life examples and empirical data – for designing and refining business models.

In this 45-minute live session with Ted Ladd, Professor of Entrepreneurship and Dean of Research at Hult, explores:

  • How to deconstruct your current business model into constituent elements
  • Ways to imagine new elements, new combinations, and even entirely new models to create and capture value
  • How to conduct multiple iterations of testing with potential customers at low cost
  • Ideas for creating working prototypes to validate business model assumptions


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