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Navigating a new future: Leadership for a sustainable recovery

How might a green recovery look, and what would it mean for your organization?

Before Covid-19 we were already in the midst of multiple global ecological and human rights crises.

While the world has been focused on fighting the Covid-19 pandemic, business leaders and policymakers, along with trade unions and NGOs, have been developing plans for how to build back better, and accelerate the achievement of the Paris Agreement and Sustainable Development Goals through the way we rebuild our businesses and economies.

Detailed conversations have been taking place and plans developed about how public policy and government stimulus measures can best support business innovation for achieving these global goals.

Join this 45-minute live session with Matthew Gitsham, Director of the Ashridge Center for Business and Sustainability and Julian Thompson, Head of Leadership Development at Hult Ashridge to explore:

  • Ideas being discussed and plans being made for the future
  • What these changes might mean for your organization
  • How to help to make a difference, find opportunities in your organizations and explore the capabilities that will be needed
  • Leadership role in helping rebuild a stronger, safer and more prosperous society

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